Geez they're cute.

Here are a few more of the >300 photos from this weekend's engagement shoot with my friends:

I'm so happy that they loved the photos -- it's a lot of pressure to make something for someone that they will look at for the rest of their lives! I'm doing my first wedding for some friends in October, so the pressure will be EXTRA on for that (but I'm excited)!

I must say, I am not actively seeking out photography jobs/selling. I'm mainly focused (har har) on my day job. I don't take my (big) camera out that often, but when I go home at the end of August I will probably take enough photos to post Photo Mondays until I go to Europe in October! Then no doubt I will take enough photos to post Photo Mondays for the next year!


Matt said...

You did an awesome job on their photos.

Sarah said...

Super cute couple and cute photos! This makes me want to get a big camera too : )

amanda said...

they are SO cute!

gorgeous pictures for a gorgeous

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