March blossoms

Same tree, same day, same camera. This sums up March: sunny and springy and rainy and grey. I can't wait for real spring!


Hazardous life

I don't talk much about my personal OR work life here, but here is a glimpse of what I look at (almost) every day! I have a whole series of lab photos. I should put more up here. Top: a waste recepticle. Bottom: cells under magnification.


Attn: artists

This weekend I went to a matinee of the symphony, which had a famous guest conductor. As I was watching this conductor move so beautifully, I wondered if anybody had ever based paintings or sculpture on the path of a conductor's baton. (I also wondered what percentage of conductors have had dance training in their past.) A quick Google search showed nothing (and if it doesn't show up on a Google search, then it doesn't exist!).

Wouldn't that be cool though? A series of paintings as if the baton was a paintbrush, and they could be of snippets from all sorts of pieces with different moods, different composers, and different significances. Even cooler would be a 3-D rendering of the path of the tip of the baton using sculpture! Especially in a dramatic piece with lots of stabs and jabs and over-the-shoulder stuff. I know a bit about conducting due to my musician parents and my years in choir, and there are certain moves that are common to pieces in 3/4, 4/4, etc. But conductors go WAY beyond those moves, and the great conductors are like dancers.

That's just something I'd like to see. I can't be the first one who has thought of this. Maybe I'll run into something like it someday!


'Tis the season

I didn't notice the one upside-down box until I looked at them on my computer :)


Within a span of 24 hours

...and it's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend!



I took these back in 2006. Today, my world (and much of the rest of the world) is black-and-white. I took some nice photos of the snow on my walk to work today, which was beautiful, but I didn't bring my camera cord so I couldn't upload them. However, it is March now, and I am ready for some spring colors! I know it's still kind of early, but in the meantime I have old photos to warm me up.

PS. It's March already! I will try get back to posting more regularly soon!
PPS. Check out my bloggy friend Ashley's brand new Twenty-something Writers blog that started today! I won't be contributing writing, but perhaps it will inspire some photography :)