Random Series

Can't talk now, gotta go take advantage of my last two days on vacation!


Long Shadows

On a walk with my dad on a sunny winter afternoon. Being home is wonderful!


Blurry Neon Ballerina Series

I saw some college student dancers perform a couple weekends ago and I took photos, since I'd been wanted to take photos of dancing. However, I was sitting in the audience and I didn't want to use flash, so the photos turned out terribly. But I quite like them in technicolor!


Photo Monday: Big News Edition!

Guess What?!

Remember this Saturday Aspiration back in July where I wanted to find a place to display and sell my photos? Well I took my portfolio to one place and the manager said that he liked my stuff, but they didn't have any wall space, but they are building a new place right downtown and would I like to take photos of downtown specifically for this restaurant/bar? So I took about 100 photos and the manager and his art consultant and the restaurant's designer all loved them and the designer picked 15 to hang in the restaurant (a few of which I've posted here!). And the restaurant finally opened last week! They are still working on getting my nameplates up and I am going to make business cards to leave there, since apparently the photos have already been getting compliments! It is insane!

And, even cooler, this place is THE new hotspot downtown. It has a younger crowd than the other bars and it isn't as expensive as it looks. It has been packed since it opened!

There's more: I am now working with the designer who has hired me to photograph his work at the restaurant as well as other work he has done. These photos will be for his website, his publicity package, and for submission to interior design publications!

If I hadn't made that Saturday Aspiration, I probably would've put off showing my portfolio and I probably would've missed this amazing opportunity. Definitely the best outcome from starting this blog so far! Thank you all for your support when I posted that aspiration and on all my other photos that I've shared here!



I took these in lab the other day with my old camera; technically not happy with them but it's all I got. I haven't really had time to take many pictures lately, but I really want to take my new camera into the lab one of these days!