I was sitting in the balcony at a concert a couple weeks ago in this church-y venue and I loved how cool the chandeliers looked in the crazy lights from the concert. I seriously kept looking at the chandeliers instead of the band -- I have a thing for interesting chandeliers. I think the lighting and angle makes it look like it is underwater. Anyway, I took this shot really quickly with my tiny Canon Elph, zoomed in as much as possible, and hoped that the people behind me didn't think I was weird. This could've been better with my new digital SLR but that would have been harder to sneak past security in my purse.


Ubiquitous Fall Pic

I got to take photos of some friends this weekend and I really liked how this one turned out. When they threw the leaves up they blew straight at me! I wish the one leaf wasn't hiding her face, but I can still see her smile! In retrospect, this is a situation in which I should have used the continuous shutter release to capture the best possible moment. Gotta keep practicing.


Portrait Series

As you can probably tell by my Photo Mondays thus far, I never photograph people in an artsy way. It's kinda awkward taking photos of strangers or even of people you know. But, in order to expand my repertoire and build technique, I asked my beautiful friend to help me practice! It was so much fun!