Even more flora (and a little fauna)

Mama bird hit the jackpot on the worms! And that is an out-of-focus bee in the upper right hand corner of the second-to-last picture -- I didn't notice it until it was on my computer! I love how alien some vegetation can look. In the third picture there is a solitary droplet of water in the middle of the cabbage, somehow not yet evaporated. Same garden as in the last post.


More Flora

I will never tire of photographing flowers! I think that everyone has an intrinsic urge to take pictures of pretty flowers (and that some have suppressed it more than others). I think the first image will be on all of my engagement/wedding cards to people from now on.


It's officially summer!

Last week my lab took a few hours off to go strawberry picking! I ended up with almost 9 lbs of strawberries for $9.00! My office smelled SO good afterward: Picking the strawberries reminded me of this book from when I was little! These strawberries barely lasted through the weekend. What did I do with them?

Strawberry-rhubarb compote: It is really easy. I adapted this recipe: Place orange zest and juice from 1 orange in a large sauce pan along with 1/4 cup light agave nectar and 1 lb sliced rhubarb. Simmer for ten minutes, then remove from the heat and stir in 1-2 lb sliced strawberries.

Rhubarb is so pretty alone, but it definitely needs the strawberries to taste good. I like the hint of orange in there, too. Here is how I've been eating it:
Over arugula with goat cheese, balsamic, and toasted almond slivers
Over vanilla frozen yogurt. I've also mixed it into greek yogurt. A couple more uses for strawberries (besides just eating them of course):
Strawberry-infused water, just like in the fancy spas! I would've liked to put a few sprigs of mint in there too. I have a feeling this has started a water-infusing kick for the summer -- so refreshing! (ps. you don't need that much fruit, I was enthusiastic)
And, of course, strawberries and champagne!
I'm already looking forward to cherry and blueberry picking seasons!


On a walk

Don't have much to say...took these on a walk last week, same as from the last post. Have a good Monday! I don't know about you but I'm ready for the weekend already.


Graffiti Series: Round 2

I finally got out and took some photos after work today, and I noticed some new decoration around town. Now, if your memory serves you, I've posted a pic of the yellow turtle before -- now it seems like there is a new "life" gang in town; it is scrawled everywhere. Perhaps some pro-life teenage hooligans? Who knows. And can I just say, I LOVE the parking garage gatekeeper! Boring objects should be anthropomorphized more often!