Ubiquitous Fall Pic

I got to take photos of some friends this weekend and I really liked how this one turned out. When they threw the leaves up they blew straight at me! I wish the one leaf wasn't hiding her face, but I can still see her smile! In retrospect, this is a situation in which I should have used the continuous shutter release to capture the best possible moment. Gotta keep practicing.


Ashley said...

Wow, it really looks like Fall there. I'm jealous.

Alexandreena said...

Beautiful picture!

Sophia said...

ashley - it is right on the cusp of winter though -- all the leaves have changed and they are halfway off of the trees.

alexandreena - thanks!

Amanda. said...

I loves it!
Fall is awesome,
isn't it?

Mermanda said...

This picture makes me feel all warm inside :)