I'm stunned. He was my favorite author and professor.

"As I'm sure you guys know by now, it is extremely difficult to stay alert and attentive, instead of getting hypnotized by the constant monologue inside your own head (may be happening right now). Twenty years after my own graduation, I have come gradually to understand that the liberal arts cliché about teaching you how to think is actually shorthand for a much deeper, more serious idea: learning how to think really means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think. It means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience. Because if you cannot exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be totally hosed. Think of the old cliché about quote the mind being an excellent servant but a terrible master."

From David Foster Wallace's 2005 commencement speech at Kenyon


Ashley said...

I'm stunned too.

Nicole said...

I don't even know what to say. I never took one of his classes, but it's been on my list to read one of his books. Now it feels too late even though I know the books are the way he'll stay alive for everyone.

What an incredible loss.

Sophia said...

Definitely read his books. I will be posting more about him and his books this week as I become more articulate.

Amanda. said...

Oh wow. Shocked
my way. That's crazy.

I love his commencement

Anonymous said...

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